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Strategic plans help you achieve your business objectives!
From a department to a small business to a multi-national corporation, strategic planning is critical to the success of any organization. To achieve your business objectives, you need to plan where you’re going and how you’re going to get there. If you don’t, you run the risk of never reaching your intended destination.

Did you have your best year ever last year?
Congratulations! What are you doing to extend that success this year into next, and from there the year after that? If last year wasn’t so phenomenal, are you ready to create a breakthrough in performance and envision a brighter future?

What is your ideal future?
Traditional strategic planning approaches are based on a model of reviewing an organization’s past accomplishments and charting its course for continued success. At Plus Delta, we prefer a model that focuses on breakthrough innovations by identifying an organization’s ideal future irrespective of its past. We then develop the strategic plan by working backwards from this ideal future state. Planning your future from the future rather than a place of what may be predictable based on the past enables powerful “out of the box” thinking rather than constraining an organization to where it has already been.

Strategic Planning as an always, ongoing activity…

And if you did some strategic planning last year, you might want to ask yourself if you have achieved everything that was on your strategic plan this past year. Being strategic requires much more than a 2-day offsite retreat one time per year. That’s simply called an “event”. Being strategic is an always, ongoing activity. Either you regularly monitor the progress of your implementation efforts after that event or you will probably only accomplish a fraction of what you intended to. Unfortunately, that’s the trap that most organizations fall into though, so give us a call if you want to get from strategy to action on your way to your intended destination. That’s exactly the kind of innovation and alignment you are looking for to propel your organization into the future, right?

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Strategic Planning

“Jeremy’s process of planning our future from the future brought together Board members and Senior Staff from our newly merged agency to develop a shared vision for the organization. His expert facilitation was exactly what we needed to get aligned!”
– Executive Director

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